Chess develops logical thinking

Chess develops logical thinkingAny occupation or hobby helps a child to develop talents. What happens if a child would be seriously taken by a sport so popular today as chess? "Chess is the perfect trainer for the brain, that increases its intellectual abilities. The use of chess is significant and multifaceted, "says chess Instructor of the Development Center «Art & Smart Academy», the master of sports of the USSR in Chess - Igor Weiner. -In the process of game of chess, the simultaneous and synchronous work of the two hemispheres of the brain is present, in the harmonious development of which is the main benefits of chess. I know for a fact that if the child begins to get involved in chess at an early age, he will get a powerful boost in development, both intellectually and personally.

“The basic skills that the chess player is developing are: events prediction, calculation of all possible options and outcomes of games, taking operational decisions and make significant decisive moves. The child actively develops logical and abstract thinking, ability to concentrate and improve memory, he would develop such important qualities as emotional stability, strong will, determination and desire to win. The downfalls, which occur to the player, teach him firmly survive the loss, treat himself critically and analyze his actions, extracting the desired and valuable experience”.