Drawing benefits are undeniable!

Drawing benefits are undeniable!Everyone tried to draw, especially in childhood. Children, who took in hands pencils and paint at the early stage, start to talk sooner. Motor, visual and sensory brain analyzers dare turning on during creative activities, a child learns to think, compare, and fantasize. The drawing is incredibly relaxing and distracting children from stress and tension. They are immersed in a new, fabulous and infinite world of art. It should be noted that psychologists consider art therapy the best way of getting rid of fear and other negative emotions. It is enough to draw the problem, and then try to change the image on the paper. People therefore finds a way out of difficult situations.

"Teach children to draw and paint yourself!" encourages the sculptural modeling and painting Instructor of the Development Center «Art & Smart Academy» Ilya Idelchik.

Certainly not everyone becomes a great sculptor, player or artist, but such hobbies undoubtedly have a beneficial impact on the inner world of the child, will help expand and enrich it.